We are on a mission to empower and uplift people through our brand. Join our cause and help us build a more confident future.

Our Mission

The #adessolistens Campaign is an effort to help elevate people to feel more confident through our brand, our network and our skills.

 Our goal at Sirocco Fan has always been to leave people and communities feeling better and more confident than when we first found them. We have been taking our time over the last few years to really develop this initiative that goes beyond our products and our brand itself. We LISTENED to our hearts, the community, our people, our customers and the world at large and we felt that there needs to be a radical change in how we do business. We wanted to use our platform to give people that don’t usually have a voice - the ability to be seen and heard. We wanted to start a conversation about the lack of confidence, insecurities, judgement, societal pressures and challenges people face on a day to day basis but are too afraid or embarrassed to talk about. We want to help empower individuals through community initiatives, agency partnerships, outreach and education to help them break free of their limiting beliefs and grow to become more confident members of our community. We feel that to help elevate vulnerable people and make them feel more confident. We believe we can achieve this by impacting what we believe to be the 4 Pillars of Confidence: 

Financial Wellness
Physical Health
Mental Health
Education and Skill Level 


To impact the 4 Pillars of Confidence we will be taking on multiple initiatives internally as well as externally. Some of the initiatives that will be a part of this campaign include:

Financial support to organizations, agencies and charities.

Non-Financial Support to organizations, agencies and charities by volunteering time and services such as supply chain and sourcing of essential goods as well as marketing and promotions.

Partnerships with multiple agencies and charity organizations to create programs and campaigns that create awareness and education.

Developing essential products for the community to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Organizations We Support

We have partnered with various charity organizations that align with our cause.

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Our Current Initiative

Toy Drop Off

Starting August 31, Calgarians can drop off donations to either of Sirocco Fan’s storefronts, located at Southcentre Mall and CF Market Mall.

The goal is to collect 50+ toys for Children’s Birthday Miracles along with enough supplies to sponsor a year of birthday parties.

Sirocco Fan is calling on the Calgary community to help support its latest charitable initiative by supplying the following items, all of which must be in new condition:

  • Toys for children between 1 - 12 years old  
  • Giftcards for children over the ages of 12  
  • Happy Birthday signage  
  • Table liners and birthday decor  
  • Entertainment packages and/or in-kind donations for entertainment services such as magicians or clowns  
  • Pre-made loot bags and/or loot bag items (nail polish, chapstick, bubbles, hair accessories, play dough, etc.)  

If you are considering donating a toy, the Sirocco Fan team kindly asks that you do not purchase board games or toys that require more than one player as many children may not have siblings or the ability to invite friends over to play. If toys require batteries, please include them with your donation.

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 “Every child deserves the opportunity to celebrate their birthday, but unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for many. With the impact COVID-19 has had on our economy, we understand that parents are under even more financial strain, which is why we are launching a city-wide toy drive in support of Children’s Birthday Miracles. We want to do our part to ensure that no parent has to worry about finding the means to celebrate their child. And that every child has the chance to experience a birthday party," explains Ayaz Raja, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Sirocco Fan.  

The Feel Good Collection

The Feel Good Collection features products that are meant to make you feel good while doing good. All the products featured here support our mission to help empower and uplift people in our community. Through community initiatives, agency partnerships, outreach and education programs, we will continue to use our platform to support and uplift marginalized individuals, and give those that don't usually have a voice the ability to be seen and heard. A portion of the proceed from the sale of items from this collection will go towards supporting organizations that align with our initiative. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

More items coming soon!


The Sirocco Fan Survival Kit

At Sirocco Fan, we wanted to do our part in helping stop the spread of Covid-19 while also helping our community. We mobilized our resources and with the help of local designers and other small business such as Bret Stankowski from 9597 and Manday Grooming, we were able to source materials from Canadian companies as well as design and manufacture these products in our hometown of Calgary, Alberta. This Survival Kit directly supports the need for PPE and Hand Sanitizer in our community as well as local small businesses while giving back to non-profit organizations that are in desperate need of support.

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The Handy
Hand Purifier

Our Hand Purifier gel is a handy way to cleanse your hands and stop the spread of germs while keeping them from drying out with the help of glycerin and vitamin E. The tea tree adds extra antiseptic properties and a refreshing scent when combined with the lavender essential oil. Glycerin works as a humectant, meaning it draws in moisture and preserves it.

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The Sirocco Fan Face Mask

66% Bamboo 28% Cotton 6% Spandex.
2 Layers
Washable - can machine wash hot and reuse.
Elastic Strap
Size small will fit children 7 and up.

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All Canadian Made

Our goal was to collaborate with local Canadian businesses with this project to support them through the tough economic climate due to Covid-19. So we are happy to say this kit is proudly Made in Canada.

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For a Good Cause

20% of all proceeds from The Sirocco Fan Survival Kit will be donated to The Mustard Seed.


Coming Soon!

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